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Sell footwear in BULK, on India’s Largest footwear selling platform.

As per footwear manufacturers in India, When we say, “start a shoe company,” we really mean a company that designs, markets, sources, and imports shoes, not only Footwear manufacturing unit that makes shoes.
ShoeKonnect App is introducing ‘ShoeKonnect Seller board‘. A more comfortable platform where Seller can have eyes on all the footwear retailers & semi wholesalers with ShoeKonnect App. This will reduce more burdens of seller and help to boost their sell with the help of analytics that seller board will provide them about there sell as well as product.

Logistics is a big part of online retail and without completing the correct formalities your business cannot move forward.

To help make things easier for online B2B sellers in this Footwear department , ShoeKonnect App has introduced logistics forms right on the seller Board. The online marketplace informed sellers about this through an email.

You no longer need to login into your State’s commercial Tax Department website to obtain logistics forms. Or think about how to grow your business at PAN India level.

How to obtain services forms on ShoeKonnect?

To get the services forms, you must complete the following 3 step process:

Step – 1 : Registration

Easy and simplest way to register .

Step – 2 : List your products

After registration list your product which will be visible inside the App in ‘BUY SECTION’ to all users all around India. Just within 2 days you will start to get bulk orders (MIN Order Quantity = 12 Pairs) on ShoeKonnect.
Now Sell footwear online in BULK, without doing any tour & travel

Step – 3 : Free Shipping

At this step you will complete the process and your request will be confirmed.

You can download pre-filled logistics forms in PDF format along with a shipping label and invoice.

Facilities ShoeKonnect provides to there valuable sellers
1. Full logistics services which reduces the burden of Sellers.
2. Only genuine returns.
3. PAN India reach.
4. Bulk selling.
5. Easy payment facilities.

Facilities of ShoeKonnect Seller board

1. Analytics of sale with ShoeKonnect .
2. Most iconic Shoes.
3. Track you delivery.
4. All transactions history.
5. Your own catalog.

“Now not only in Footwear manufacturing even in marketing of your products & also in brand building, ShoeKonnect will help you “

Click here  to START SELLING
Sell footwear in BULK, on India’s Largest footwear selling platform.

ShoeKonnect seller board


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