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Watch How These Heart-Adorned Dior Heels Are Made & It’ll Blow Your Mind

A lot goes into making luxury shoes, and Dior is providing a glimpse into how its new Amour pump is made with a behind-the-scenes video shared today on Instagram.

The label starts at the very beginning, showing the process of sketching a design for the shoe, which is part of Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s fall 2017 collection. The shoe is drawn out on paper and each detail is specified before color is added.

After the meticulous process of drawing the shoe, the design is sent to the fashion house’s workshop, located outside Florence, Italy. Viewers are treated to an overview of the rest of the shoe-making process that occurs there, from fitting the heel to stitching the black, suede calfskin to cutting out the ruby-red, leather, heart detailing that adorns each pump.

These chic pumps are only available in select boutiques and cannot be purchased online, but on Dior’s website, a feature allows potential buyers to see which stores carry the Amour style.


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Fashion Footwear
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Fashion Footwear
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