Traditional business-

Traditional footwear business is a local store which offers its services or products to its local customers. It is a set-up where customers will have to visit the store physically to buy the products.

Problems while doing Traditional business –

1.  High marketing cost
2. Hard to find verified buyers
3. Payment risk & security
4. Managing transport problems
5. Can sell only to local buyers.




Digitalize business-

The success of any footwear business at present strongly depends on Internet … or selling of products or services through electronic means such as the internet.

Benefits while doing business with ShoeKonnect


1.  Free marketing & Promotions
2. Deal with verified Buyers only
3. Zero payment risk
4. ShoeKonnect takes care of transport
5. Can sell all over India



Sell on ShoeKonnect (India’s largest B2B Marketplace).






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